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Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line
 Product detail information:

CLBZ2500P / 2200P / 1800P  Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line (Plate Press)
Equipment features
● PLC control system with whole process, touch-sensitive screen and man-machine interface.
● Realize the surface layer of coated glass and LOW-E glass automatically.
● The cleaning machine and water system adopt stainless steel and anticorrosion material with
  all parts and it has features of super durability.
● It adapts to clean the 3-12 thickness glass, transmission setup of cleaning and drying part is
  designed automatically.
● Frequency conversion mechanics automatically, save working latency time, high efficiency.
● Clean glass continuously, it can dispart the glass one by one.
● According to customer requirements, can process different sizes of glass.

Main technical parameter
●  Model                        CLBZ2500P                CLBZ2200P                CLBZ1800P
● Power supply               380V 50Hz                                        380V 50Hz                 380V 50Hz
● Input power                28kW                      27kW                      23kW
● Cleaning speed               3~12m/min                 3~12m/min                  3~12m/min
● Conveying speed              45m /min                                           45m /min                                          32m /min
●Cleaning size       400×500mm               400×500mm               400×500mm
● Cleaning size       2500×2600mm              2200×2600mm             1800×2440mm
●Insulating glass thickness      40mm                     40mm                     40mm
●Glass thickness               3~12mm                   3~12mm                   3~12mm
●Contour dimension            20800×2600×3350mm        20800×2600×3200mm        15000×2600×2900mm
●Weight                  6500Kg                    6000Kg                    3700Kg

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ADD: NO.18,jiqi Road,Huaiyin,jinan,China   Phone:0531-85992180 85992183